Northwest Profiles - November 2015

Northwest Profiles - November 2015

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On The Road Again - The 20th season of Antiques Roadshow kicked off Jan. 4th 2016 with three new episodes shot in Spokane, WA. Northwest Profiles visited the set of Roadhow while they were in Spokane and capture behind the scenes action of one of public TV's most popular programs.

Tunnel Vision - Travel to scenic Kimberley BC, and hop aboard the city's Underground Mining Railway and discover its rich history. Learn about life as a miner and tour the massive equipment needed to power the mine.

Pappy's Hall of Heroes - Take a look at Pappy Boyington Field Museum in Hayden, ID. Names for local, legendary WWII flying ace, Colonel Gregory "Pappy Boyington".

Turn, Turn, Turn - Balfour, BC native, Gary McCandlish is known as the "Bowl Turner" who takes blocks of firewood and turns it into a bowl. Swirling patterns from the grains of wood, add character to each piece.