Northwest Profiles - Nov 2016

Northwest Profiles - Nov 2016

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CindyFish Beads

Located on the picturesque Christina Lake in southern British Columbia, glass lamp-work artist Lucinda Dupee creates beads that capture the whimsy in ordinary things.  From beads of sea and lake creatures to the common chicken, these colorful items jump from Lucinda’s imagination as she highlights nature’s quirkiness in her small pieces of art.

Uniformed Talent

Since it was officially established in 1925, one of the primary responsibilities of the United States Navy Band is to bring a piece of the U.S. Navy directly to the American public through a series of national and regional concert tours. Made up of 174 enlisted musicians the U.S. Navy Band features six primary performing groups as well as a host of smaller ensembles. Between them they perform over 270 public concerts and 1300 ceremonies each year. Fortunately this year one of those public concerts was performed  here in Spokane at Riverfront park during the city’s annual Labor Day celebration. The band that performed was the Navy’s country/bluegrass ensemble Country Current whose performance as you’ll see did the Navy proud and reaffirmed why they are the “The World’s Finest.”

Art on a Cart

Artist Perry Mallet creates images using airbrush and tattoo needles. Trained in Queensland, Australia, Perry moved to the U.S. to explore new frontiers in art and geography. His visual creations can be seen a wide array of vehicles, from motorcycles to helicopters, and items from computers to guitars. Perry is also gaining popularity as a tattoo artist.

Maple Rails

Go loco for locomotives at British Columbia’s topnotch train museum in Revelstoke.  The Revelstoke Railway Museum shares Canada’s rich railway heritage with dynamic displays and exciting interactive exhibits.  Hop aboard!