Northwest Profiles - May 2016

Northwest Profiles - May 2016

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Kid Gloves - 

Spokane’s Rick Welliver is a retired boxer who devotes himself to coaching others. At his gym, Spokane Boxing, Rick trains competitive and recreational boxers from all walks of life. He’s especially passionate about working with at-risk youth. While teaching boxing skills, Rick provides a safe, structured, environment where young people are held accountable for their actions. Rick has had many success stories, including addicts who have gone on to stay clean and sober and create fulfilling lives.

Lost in Longview - 
While love may know no boundaries, sometimes it needs a passport.  Because when an American art collector from New Mexico falls for a rodeo queen from Canada he giddy ups and goes north.  And just off the Cowboy Trail in Longview, AB they open a unique art space that celebrates the history and culture of the American Southwest.  It’s art… from their heart.

Chip Shots -
What do you get when you mix a point and shoot camera with some backyard chipmunks? Well in Valley Ford, WA and the creative world of Christie Pierce you get what she calls Friendchips. A small business that produces calendars and cards featuring images of some of her favorite chipmunk friends doing some extraordinary things. Discover what it takes for Christie to not only capture delightful images of chipmunks but also to create all of the incredibly detailed miniature sets Christie with her husband Paul build together.

Resisting the Dye -
Since 1981, the resist art form of Batik has been the vehicle that Post Falls Idaho resident Toni Spencer has chosen as her craft.  Using her many years of experience, Toni has perfected the process of waxing and dying onto silks, creating art that continues to be a part of her creative passion.