Northwest Profiles - Jan 2016

Northwest Profiles - Jan 2016

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Toying with Tractors - Behold the fabulous farm toys of Jim Wallrabenstein.  Since 1965, Jim has been an avid collector of toy farming equipment, especially toy tractors.  With over 700 toys in his private collection, this top-notch farm toy enthusiast shares the story of mechanized farming from his home in Spokane, Washington.

Teachin' in the Wind - Travel to Idaho’s largest lake and 5th deepest lake in the country Lake Pend Oreille where we'll climb aboard and set sail with a legendary sailing instructor they call Barnacle Bill. An avid sailor since he was 16, Bill Holcomb started giving sailing lessons back in 1978 as part of a marketing effort to sell sailboats for his families business. Today, 37 years later he still doing  it with the same passion and joy he always had for sport. In all he estimates he’s given lessons to some 1700 would be sailors.

Face Painting - Discover the many faces of Spokane Artist Sam White. After exceling in high school art classes, Sam’s life took him away from his art. He eventually returned to drawing and painting, and is now making time to “mass produce” larger than life acrylic paintings, each one boldly colorful and whimsical.

Art Embracing Awareness - In a split between photography and painting.  Winlaw BC artist, Frantisek Strouhal creates art from images by layering and inking them in a time intensive process that is reminiscent of an old photo technique developed over a hundred years ago.