Northwest Profiles - April 2016

Northwest Profiles - April 2016

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Big-Hearted Bulldogs- They’re skating on thick ice. Gonzaga Exceptional Hockey is a program that teaches kids with learning and developmental disabilities how to play hockey, and how to communicate better.

Dragon Boats, Paddling, Penticton - Since 2000 Penticton BC has been marking the end of its long summer season with a special event featuring one of one of the fastest growing sports in the world, Dragon Boat Racing.

Fascinating Fascinators - Erin Haskell wears many hats, and she just so happens to make them as well! With a background in Interior design, advertising and marketing, Erin fused those attributes along with her artistic flair and formed a company that designs and creates women’s hats that are sometimes known as fascinators.

Through Lori's Lens - Lori Andrews an interior designer and photographer, a cyclist and enthusiast of the local Calgary scene. Her many online followers know her as a self-portrait artist. Lori shoots landscape photos and found that she could add interest by including a person in her shots. So, she began using herself as a model. She’s placed herself in many stunning outdoor locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan, while wearing various types of fashionable clothing, as well as a Wonder Woman costume.