Northwest Profiles #3104 - 2018 March

Northwest Profiles #3104 - 2018 March

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Down on the Bar U - Visit “the ranch that fed the world”, the historic Bar U Ranch. Located south of Longview, AB, the Bar U was one of the first corporate ranches in western Canada. The Bar U’s beef products fed Native Canadians, railroad workers, Mounties, and were shipped to cities in the U.S. and Britain. Now a Parks Canada site, the Bar U has ties to the Prince of Wales, to one of Canada’s most prominent black cowboys and to the Calgary Stampede.

Abstract Topophilia - Ben Joyce creates art that celebrates the connection to place with what he calls Abstract Topophilia. Starting from a birds eye perspective, Ben uses earthly form to create pieces with shaped edges and cut outs breaking up the traditional hard lines of a square canvas that confine the experience, allowing the viewer to expand the painting beyond its borders with their knowledge of the area.

Pryor Knowledge - Bob Pryor made history. Hear how he started making educational films in the 1960’s about our region’s early days, and how those films still have an impact.

Spokane's Queen of Soul - Discover the story behind an extraordinary woman juggling two careers with one goal to help people in need. Meet Spokane’s Stevie Lynne, a skilled and compassionate registered nurse on one side and on the other an amazing singer/song writer with a soulful sound and a message of hope.