Northwest Profiles #3103 - 2018 Jan

Northwest Profiles #3103 - 2018 Jan

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Family Feudal- Ye better watch out. But ye need not cry. For the vigorous Vikings storming the streets of Kimberley, BC are performers, not pillagers. Join them as they celebrate Canada’s rich Nordic roots at the Kimberley City Bakery Medieval Festival.

Engaging Art - Wil Yee creates art that is meant to engage!  With a canvas that adorns both public and personal spaces, Wil uses his talents to create art that both adorns and inspires young talented artists, desiring to learn from a talented artist.

Newcomer Centers Mandy - Mandy Manning, teaches newly arrived refugees and immigrants at the Newcomer Center at Ferris High School.  She was named the 2018 Washington State Teacher-of-the-Year.

Dirty Driver - Colville’s Tiana Berkeley has the drive to make it in the world of dirt track racing.