Northwest Profiles #3102 - 2017 Nov

Northwest Profiles #3102 - 2017 Nov

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Beaver Hill Biosphere- Edmonton, Alberta boasts a vibrant population of well over one million people, as well as Canada’s largest oil and gas producing region. Just a short drive to the east is the Beaver Hills Biosphere, a natural area boasting a large population of its own: bison, elk, thousands of migratory birds and more. Beaver Hills recently became recognized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and was designated as Canada’s eighteenth Biosphere.

Canvas of Feathers - Painting on an irregular surface is a trademark of Sherry Orchard.  From an early age, Sherry was taken with horses.  After honing her skills as an artist years later, an idea was floated by her regarding painting on feathers, so she went about to make it happen.  Now Sherry is a highly regarded feather artist sticking mostly to Western themes and Nature.

Ba-Ba-Booyah! - Are you going his way? Swing by the boyhood home of Bing Crosby for a peek at the legendary life of this iconic entertainer. Located on the campus of Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, the Bing Crosby Museum houses the largest collection of Bing memorabilia on the planet. And admission is free. Bingo!

Big Hearted Bulldogs -They’re skating on thick ice. Gonzaga Exceptional Hockey is a program that teaches kids with learning and developmental disabilities how to play hockey, and how to communicate better.