Northwest Profiles - March 2016

Northwest Profiles - March 2016

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Lord of the Reins - In a world where Hollywood Westerns take us for cinematic trail ride; Canadian cowboy John Scott supplies the steeds. Saddle up with this legendary Hollywood horsemaster from Longview, AB to discover how he lassoed the American movie industry and led it north of the border to make epic Academy Award-winning films.

Accordion Icon - Ilmar Kuljus, born in Estonia and displaced by World War Two, created an accordion culture in Spokane. Now in his mid-eighties, Ilmar and his students continue to bring exciting music to our region.

Eye of the Beadwork - Creating one-of-a-kind meticulous beaded designs is what Megan Peterson does, and she has been at it for quite some time.  She’s a trendsetter that comes up with ways of incorporating beads woven around objects that she designs and creates.

Goddess of the Dawn - Visit a place where every day the wonders of the universe take center stage. It’s the Eos Planetarium on the campus of the Spokane Falls Community College. The Eos Planetarium not only serves as a virtual classroom for SFCC students but also a place where K-12 students from around the area can come for free to learn and experience the marvels of space . Friday evenings throughout the school year the Eos Planetarium presents public shows that feature lessons on, “What’s Up In the Night Sky” followed by high definition, full-dome movie presentations.