Northwest Profiles #3004- 2017 March

Northwest Profiles #3004- 2017 March

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Cut, Print  - Gale Mueller grew up in the Northwest during a time when, if you needed something you made it yourself. From his house and furnishings, to the one-man business he ran on East Sprague to books containing his artwork, Gale has spent a lifetime of hands-on creativity.

Paleo Pal -  Ice age animals come to life at the hands of this paleoartist, Peter Thomas.

The Essence of Siri - Siri Healy, creates desirable pieces or jewelry that she creates entirely from recycled metal.  Healy, an Italian trained artist who resides in Leavenworth Washington, uses her talents in working with metals to create from the ground up, pieces of art that are designed to be worn and displayed on the human form.

Patina Pizazz- Travel to Colville, Washington and meet Jerry McKellar a successful dentist who retired his dental tools in favor of the tools required to become a sculptor, but not just any sculptor but a bronze sculptor.