Health Matters: Preventing Suicide #1804

Health Matters: Preventing Suicide #1804

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Prior to 2020, suicide ranked as one of the leading causes of death in the United States, and it still does...  But now we’re dealing with a year-long pandemic, and all that’s come with it. The isolation, the unemployment, the emotional stress that COVID-19 has brought into our lives may be adding to number of suicides--at a time when it’s even more difficult to identify the risk factors. KSPS Health Matters talks to local mental health experts on how to recognize the warning signs that someone may be suicidal and how to help them.


Sabrina Votava
Founder, FailSafe for Life

Mary Stover
Executive director, alifeYOUnited

Jillian Holbrook
Mental Health Advocate, Work2BeWell

Sarah Oslund
Chief Behavioral Health, Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Suzie Johnson
Outpatient Clinical Director, Frontier Behavioral Health

Clair Aberasturi
Behavioral Health Director, The Native Project